The main place where you will find the rules and information you might need. Please follow the rules because if you don't you will get a strike, and you don't want to get three strikes.
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All the announcements of the site; contests, info address, events, etc will be located here.
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All finished IC and OOC threads go here.
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Here you create your character following the form. You must read and understand the rules before attempting to create your character. And understand that your character must be accepted before you can use it in IC.
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Characters that have been accepted by staff. Clan characters will be moved here in their specific board.

Everything for your character is here. You want to make NPC characters, thread/character trackers, adoption, litter, plots, etc.

Clan leaders are the ones responsible for keeping track of their own Clan. They must have the nessessary ranks and list of there members with NPC in brackets for NPC characters.


At the bottom of the cliff there is a cave. Beside this cave is a waterfall. A huge pool protects the cave. At the other side of the pool there are huge rocks that jut out next to a wide but short waterfall. Despite the waterfalls the waters are calm here making it easy to swim. For cats who have trouble swimming or don't want to swim can go around the large pool, there are two narrow paths covered in reeds and ferns.

The cave is large inside. There are a few holes, reeds, small puddles, and moss. Middle large entrance of the cave is a tall rock called Tallrock, where the Clan leader sits for Clan meetings. The leader's den is right below the rock in a hole big enough for one or two cats. On one side of the cave entrance further in, is the Warriors' den; made of ferns and brambles. Outside of the cave on the left is a much smaller cavern with luminous moss on the ceiling. It's large enough for sick or injured cats to rest and the crack in the wall is where the medicine cat sleeps and stocks herbs. Middle of the large cave is a little pool; shallow enough for kits to practice their swimming. One side, close to the little pool are more fern covered dens; the nursery, the elder's den on the other end of the pool closest to the medicine cat's cave. Lastly is the apprentices' den under a wide and flat rock that is a fox-length from the elder's den.
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Beyond the second waterfall close to camp is the river; pure waters with lots of rocks jutting out. Before the first waterfall the river is at a steep slope with many rocks. Although the river is wide, in some places there are too many rocks at both banks, making it thinner, which good for fishing but not good for swimming. Most parts of the river are wider and deeper with good currents for RiverClan cats to swim. There are a few stepping stones deep into the forest where cats can cross or fish.

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This part of the forest has steep slopes and rocks followed with some reeds from streams and ferns. In leafbare the rivers become frozen solid so RiverClan became adapt to hunting other prey rather than fish. There are several paths made by twolegs in the forest. Thankfully the twolegs no longer come here.

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Of all the places this is the most beautiful spot in the forest. A clearing, large enough for the sun to shine and touch the waters; making them shimmer which is why it's called Shimmeringrocks. The rocks are smooth and warm much like Sunningrocks. Prey is plentiful here; full of voles, birds, rabbits, mice, squirrels; all kinds of prey for the clean water and sun. At night the smooth rocks and water reflect the stars in a way that the stars appear to be resting them. Because of this, the two bordering Clans ThunderClan and ShadowClan often try to steal it.
Reminiscence & Dreams {open} by loki on May 14, 2014 6:01:58 GMT


Middle of ShadowClan territory is a hidden hollow, covered in undergrowth and ledges. It was founded when exploring; a warrior stumbled under a tree root, and fell in some ferns and bracken. The warrior found a cave hidden in the undergrowth and saw light on the other side.

The hollow is just perfect for a camp, its secure and well hidden from basically anything. Middle of the hollow is Mossrock, where the Clan holds meetings. Below Mossrock is the leader's den that has enough for one or two cats. Beside the leader's den is the elder's den; made of bracken. At the back of the hollow is the nursery and beside it is the medicine cat's den. The medicine cat's den is made of bracken and fern walls; large enough for injured or sick cats to rest. Back of the den against the hollow wall there is a small cave where the medicine cat sleeps and stocks herbs. The warm, soft sand flooring and covered brambles is the nursery. Close to the camp entrance is the apprentices den; a large, hollowed, fallen tree with a hole in the middle. Below the tree stump close to the apprentices den is a large cave where the warriors sleep.

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Highest part in ShadowClan is a cliff at the top of the slope that leads back to Camp. However, it is so full of rocks, dense undergrowth, and uneven climate its hard to climb up here little alone get down. You have to have good balance and strong legs in order to get to place to place. On the cliff face are trees jutting out with gnarled and twisted branches. ShadowClan some times hunt here for birds or squirrels. However, youngest apprentices are not allowed here until they practiced enough in climbing rocks.

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The forest of ShadowClan is incredibly dense, more than ThunderClan . This makes it hard for the sun to shine through with results of soggy ground and trees covered in fungus. Because of this prey like frogs and lizards live here. The forest is very uneven with all the slopes and trenches and because of this its very hard to navigate if you don't know the territory.

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Deep in the forest where all the borders touch next to the river is an abandoned twolegnest. However, unlike other twolegnests, there aren't any rooms founded in a normal twolegnest such as a kitchen or living room. Instead, there are many plants, a pond with frogs and lizards with others such as voles and mice. Most of the plants are herbs with some rare ones such catmint that is the best herb for greencough or whitecough. The herbs here are fresh; better than those in the forests. The walls protect the plants from leafbare, the large windows give sunlight and the medicine cat gives them water from the pond. Because of this the other often try to take this place. However, the medicine cats sometimes share the herbs.

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Center of WindClan territory is a little river with two tiny waterfalls at the bottom of the hills. Side of the river are bushes and rocks, and a little island between the two rivers that connect into one with large stepping stones. WindClan uses this island to share tongues. Unlike other Clans WindClan warriors prefer sleeping outside but rest in dens only in bad weather; so they rest on this island.

Off the island, closest to the stepping stones is a large vertical rock, called Pointedrock as it points to the skies. The Clan leader holds Clan meetings here. Below Pointedrock is a cave as the Clan leader's den. Beside the leader's den is a large cave between two large rocks with enough room for many cats to rest when injured or sick. The medicine cat rests just outside of the cave in a bramble-made den. The bramble den on the other side of the lake is where the elders sleep. Beside that den under a tree is the apprentices den. Behind Pointedrock is a slopped pile of pebbles. The top has a hidden den made of bracken and is the nursery.

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Instead of forest the meadow covers WindClan territory. There are lots of prey here, mainly rabbits. Several trees can be found in the meadow, as well as small forested areas. Around the meadow are old twolegpaths with a stone bridge close to Camp.

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Just northeast of Camp is an abandoned barn. When the warriors searched for the best training grounds they found this barn. Cats began training here for the soft soil and large space. The place is also good hunting grounds.

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At the edge of WindClan territory, in the rocky slopes and by the stream of Elderoak is a sparse woodland called Flowerwood. There are many trees here but so far apart with little undergrowth that you can easily see things long distance. The floor is covered with grass and flowers and because of this there are many rabbits, mice and birds. When the Clans first settled this was part of ThunderClan. However, in a terrible leafbare ThunderClan gave Flowerwood to WindClan, but only if they give it back once leafbare passed. WindClan broke their promise and sparked tensions between the two.

Beware the border {OPEN} by loki on May 7, 2014 1:05:16 GMT


When ThunderClan settled in this forest they had a hard time finding a camp. There was a terrible thunderstorm one night and lightning struck a long tree, making it fall. In the morning a hunting patrol found this fallen tree. It has connected to the other side of this wide and very steep ravine with shallow water and sharp stones. When they had tried going around it, they were blocked by undergrowth too thick to get through. On the other end of the fallen tree is a curved path leading up with roots from a large ancient tree.

The top has a gnarled ancient tree called Ancientoak where the leader sits on the tree and holds Clan meetings. Beneath the tree is the leader's den. Passed Ancientoak is a wide slope with soft dry dirt and smooth grass. The Apprentice's den is in the middle of the camp clearing below a flat rock. The brambles beside a tree and near the thicket wall is the warriors' den. At the other side of the Ancientoak is a narrow path curving downward to a large cave with moss covered walls and rocks with water at the edges. The cave doesn't have a roof but the trees and bushes give it plenty of cover. Cats who are sick or wounded come to this den - the medicine cat's den - to rest. Beside the warriors den is the nursery, a bramble thicket with warm sandy floors. At the bottom of the camp is the elder's den.

Sunshine & Blue Skies{Open} by loki on May 12, 2014 23:53:09 GMT

ThunderClan uses the area surrounding an old elder tree with a flattish clearing and soft grass as their training grounds. Here mentors can train their apprentices and get them to better their climbing skills by climbing the oak so they can travel through the territory easily. The Elder Tree is also the highest part of the territory so if you climb high enough you can see most of the forest. It is also a good hunting ground.

Leap of faith {Amberpaw} by loki on May 19, 2014 21:24:25 GMT

ThunderClan territory is covered with undergrowth twoleg ruins, and oaks. The warriors hunts several kinds of prey such as birds, squirrels, sometimes rabbits, mice, voles, shrews, and other sorts. Because of the river the only way to get through to the rest of the territory is either swim across or cross a few fallen trees that connect to the other side. The climate is uneven mainly to the west side with all the slopes so travel leaping on rocks or tree to tree almost like squirrels.

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Near the border between RiverClan is a river split from the main river by Elderoak. After going through the territory the ground breaks away from the river and edges high up into a large gully. The second Twolegpath sides beside the river then leans against the cliff wall. This Cliffbridge is made of metal railings and wood with metal chain covering it, preventing anyone from falling off the path. Top of the cliffs in the undergrowth has good prey. RiverClan sometimes try to steal this place by crossing the fallen tree that is the only connection to RiverClan and ThunderClan because of the steep cliff that borders them right to Elderoak.

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The Elderoak is a land not claimed by any of the Clans but belongs to all of them. They gather here each full moon in a truce just like at Fourtrees. Before the four Clans argued and fought for this place. When all four Clan cats gathered here one night they hissed and fought each other, a storm cloud covered the starlit sky and the moon. Once they stopped the cloud passed and it became bright again. The Clan leaders figured that the Elderoak isn't meant for one Clan but to all of them as their gathering place. The Elderoak is at the bottom of a ravine, circled around into an island with soft earth and grass. Rocks covered the waters and slopes, making it easy for the Clan cats who don't like water to walk over even for the elders and queens. The leaders sit on the branches of the Elderoak while the rest of the Clan gathers around to listen. The Clans have agreed to allow RiverClan enter ThunderClan territory through the bridge so they can get to the Gathering place.

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Outside of WindClan and ShadowClan territory, pass the river and into the dense rocky forest are old ruins. ShadowClan didn't take this area because they didn't need it. For a few moons the Clans went on without a moonstone to connect with StarClan. So no new leaders could be made and the medicine cats couldn't gather to their usual half moon gatherings. One night the ShadowClan medicine cat got a sign from StarClan about the ruins. The ShadowClan medicine cat wasn't the only one that got this message but the WindClan medicine cat as well. The medicine cats journeyed there and found the ruins. It's also a good place to hunt and since the Clans don't come here very often rouges, loners, and other predators are usually here.

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In the pastures near ThunderClan territory and the Thunderpath is the Farm. The name says it all, its a ranch for horses of all kinds, from ponies, draft horses to top notch racehorses. Twolegs who once owned this place trained and sold or bought many horses and letting them out into the pastures. Now that the humans have gone the horses roam free in the pastures, going everywhere they want and in the Ranch. Even though they aren't hostile animals cats or dogs must be careful not to get stepped on.
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The lake borders the Twolegplace. It is a beautiful clean lake despite the Twolegplace nearby. Twolegs used to come here to admire the view, enjoy the waters by fishing or canoeing place to place. Now animals explore around the lake, fish in the rivers outside of the city on the other side of the lake or just admire the view.

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Once this place was where twolegs lived but after they mysteriously vanished it was abandoned. Dogs and cats now rule the place do to the pet animals mixed with the strays and feral.

Exploring this place (Open) by Duststar on May 7, 2014 15:07:56 GMT

Outside of RiverClan territory is Mist Mountain. It is incredibly rocky with steep slopes and high cliffs. But such as it's name mist usually blankets the mountain and because of this it is highly dangerous to venture.

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North of Twolegplace is the Forest of Ruins. Near the Clan borders are the Ancient Ruins where the Mooncave is. It's thick with undergrowth and dense trees, making it difficult to explore if your a large animal. It has a lot of small game like mice, voles, squirrels, frogs, and birds. The Clans don't normally explore here, so cats not in the Clans such as rogues or loners can explore here with ease.

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Here is the board where you can access a variety of things such as introducing yourself to the site, posting absences or leaves, gossip about anything you want, play games in the Arcade, or go to the Diary to write stuff like stories or poems. It's an OCC paradise. Just make sure you put your threads in the right boards and it doesn't break any of the site rules such as putting inappropriate content in your threads. Other than that enjoy to your heart's content and for new members don't forget to introduce yourselves.
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You want a signature? Avatar? Table? Or you just want to show off your artwork. Well here you can request for images. If you want you can even open your own studio. Just for you to be aware that if you open your own studio it is your responsibility to look after it. The only thing we would have authority over it is if it goes against any of the site rules like having or giving out inappropriate content.

Members can purchase a Studio Sub-board in the Downtown Mall.
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Welcome to the Downtown Mall. It's a place full of stores of all kinds of products. Such as battle cheats, accessories, character cards, and stuff to improve your profile or have your own sub-boards. This place has it all and for those who have worked hard to get the claws for these products deserve them. Just post a thread in the right board with the form and make the purchase. Don't forget that new products and prices will change so keep an eye out for new goodies or sales.
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